Repair Services

Many things affect a memorial overtime, from natural wear due to weathering, to tree root or animal penetration to the foundation. Periods of intense sunlight during summer and severe cold in the winter combine can only act to speed up the decay of a memorial as well as obscuring any inscription or carving detail.

At Leiws Memorials we strive to preserve the original appearance of the stone as close as possible whilst at the same time providing a thorough restoration service.

Refurbishment & Stone Cleaning

The dramatic improvement in appearance will undoubtedly instill an interest in the finished result. Before we take on any cleaning operation a detailed survey is made as to the general state of the stite with particular note to the stone itself. This allows us to assess the correct cleaning method for the material involved and ensures our high standards are maintained.

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Very often, due to subsidence, foundations will need re-instating to the re-establish the stability of a memorial and its structure.

Lewis Memorials have the skills required to re-instate foundations and provide a solid base for your memorial.




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